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Everything you read on the rest of this page has temporarily gone out the window. I really hope to get back to the product stuff eventually. But for the time being this newsletter is an outlet, a way to talk to each other, a way to reflect on what’s happening, and hopefully a way to help each other out.

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  • The last section is a dumping ground for some of the interesting and weird things I find on the internet that don’t really fit in anywhere else.

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About me

My name is Rian van der Merwe. I'm a product manager with a background in user experience design. I am focused on designing and building high-quality software that people love to use. I also wrote a book about the process called Making It Right.

The purpose of my blog and this newsletter is to help you and me become better software product managers and technology workers. It is focused on articles and resources to help us grow in our craft.

My goal is to do this work in the spirit of the Swahili word elezea, which means to elucidate, explain, clarify, and relate.